There is much bodice-ripping and manufactured angst among what passes for journalism and journalists as the still in progress election counting has exposed their “expertise” as just so much holier-than-thou lecturing of us unwashed and that “expertise” shown to be wholly non-existent.

Here, for example, is self-styled news journalism “critic,” Howard Kurtz discussing his fellows’ bad misses regarding this election and journalists’ claimed voter concerns in this election. Notice that: a journalist commenting on journalists. A truly objective bit of commentary. Sure.

Why were the media so utterly convinced that President Trump would be trounced in the election?

They never were convinced—they were making it up from the jump.

Why were all the expectations for a substantial Joe Biden victory, to the point that many news outlets were running lists of his possible Cabinet members…?

They never had such expectations—they were making it up from the jump.

They were convinced that Trump’s handling of the pandemic, with 230,000 Americans having died from the virus, would sink him.

No, they weren’t. They were making both of those up from the start.

Kurtz is operating from the false premise that the press is honest. He’s not that naive, but he is operating in his own bubble. When has he talked to or read anything written by anyone other than a journalist?

When has Kurtz gone into the wilds of flyover country and talked to folks in Dinky Town, IA, Cornfield, KS, Smalltown, MT, Ranchland, TX, Wheatsilo, OK, or the middle of our southeastern States—the little towns, not the cities?

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