Freedom of Speech

Not here. Not ever.  You do not have permission to criticize us or any thing, subject, object, or … that we hold above reproach, especially that of your commoner selves.

According to a draft of the Loudoun County Public School district board’s proposed speech code, obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, employees would not be allowed to criticize the school district’s “commitment to action-oriented equity practices” in all forms of public and personal communication.


The code briefly acknowledges employees have a First Amendment right to engage in protected speech, but says that right “may be outweighed” by the school district’s interest in “promoting internal … and external community harmony and peace” as well as “class equity, racial equity, and the goal to root out systemic racism.”


Employees would be prohibited from “retaliating” against accusers, even if the accusations are false.

Your Betters say so, you racist thugs.

2 thoughts on “Freedom of Speech

    • No, the Labour MP says freedom of speech doesn’t allow either of us to hurt his precious feelings.
      Additionally, with defend being the dual of offend, his position means it’s illegal for anyone to defend him.
      Eric Hines

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