Radicals Haven’t Taken Over the Progressive-Democratic Party

Or so William Galston thinks. His subheadline reads, in part, But the radicals haven’t taken it over.

His is an amusing article. Or would be, but for the bigotry he so obliviously pushes.

Radicals haven’t taken over Progressive-Democratic Party?

It’s nominated an empty vessel for its Presidential candidate; for its VP candidate, Party has nominated a woman who is black—Party’s two primary selection criteria—who turns out to be the most Liberal Senator in Congress.

Party is so solidly run by America’s Far Left that the NLMSM claims Party’s VP candidate is “moderate, middle of the road.”

Party is so strongly in the hands of America’s Left Radicals that it whole-heartedly embraces the Green New Deal, Government control of whole sectors of our economy, and vastly expanded tax regimes.

Party’s platform calls for rescinding the Hyde Amendment, a law that goes some way toward protecting unborn babies.

[The Progressive-Democratic Party] has become less white and more educated.

More credentialed, certainly. It’s actually much less educated, given the widespread failure of public K-12 schools to produce even basic testing success for our children, and colleges/universities that have gone over to teaching single-viewpoint positions rather than critical thinking.

[Progressive-]Democrats are more focused than ever on equality for women, racial and ethnic minorities, disabled Americans, and the full range of gender identities.

This isn’t even close to accurate. In fact, quite the opposite. Party’s focus on identity politics—the 1950s-era of segregation brought forward to the 21st century—demonstrates the contempt Progressive-Democrats have for women, racial and ethnic minorities, disabled Americans. The careful separation of these groups from the rest of America so as to afford them special treatment is Party’s view that these folks are inherently inferior and unable to compete without separate, special treatment. Party’s breakout of the two sexes into artificial gender “identities” is an extreme step in that segregation.

Ethnic minorities is especially insulting: the ethnicity of the United States is American. There is no minority here; there are some 330 million ethnic Americans in our nation, including the several millions of first generation immigrants who are bent on becoming American, pushing to join our American culture.

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