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Because as most in the current administration do, Progressive-Democrats natter on about, and the NLMSM bleats hysterically we should do, here are some actual data and some actual science that we should follow regarding the Wuhan Virus and our current situation.

The subheadline pretty much tells the tale.

Research suggests the new coronavirus kills about five to 10 people for every 1,000 that it infects, though rate varies based on age and access to health care

The Executive Summary:

That research—examining deaths out of the total number of infections, which includes unreported cases—suggests that Covid-19 kills from around 0.3% to 1.5% of people infected. Most studies put the rate between 0.5% and 1.0%, meaning that for every 1,000 people who get infected, from five to 10 would die on average.

Age matters, too, but the slope only increases sharply above an age:

Researchers in the US and Switzerland examined data from the Swiss city of Geneva to calculate fatality rates for different age groups. They found those over 65 had an infection-fatality rate of 5.6%….

As a side note, another avenue of research occurs to me from this datum. Sixty-five is associated with retirement (plus or minus) in the western developed world. How much does the increased level of sedentary-ness associated with retirement contribute to that higher mortality rate? Could a sedentary life-style itself be a comorbidity?

It’s instructive that Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden seems not to be aware of any of these data. It’s further instructive that the NLMSM studiously ignores them.

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  1. And there is research published today in Med Archive from across 4 European countries:

    Our inferences result in herd immunity thresholds around 10-20%, considerably lower than the minimum coverage needed to interrupt transmission by random vaccination, which for R_0 higher than 2.5 is estimated above 60%. We emphasize that the classical formula, 1-1⁄R_0 , remains applicable to describe herd immunity thresholds for random vaccination, but not for immunity induced by infection which is naturally selective. These findings have profound consequences for the governance of the current pandemic given that some populations may be close to achieving herd immunity despite being under more or less strict social distancing measures.

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