Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has been busily releasing prison inmates, ostensibly to protect them from Wuhan Virus infections burgeoning in his city’s prisons. Many of those released have been violent felons, suitably sentenced for the violence associated with their crimes—but, hey, equality, amiright? No prisoner left behind.

Those violent felons have been busily committing violent crimes since their release.

…at least 50 newly released individuals have already been rearrested, and in some cases set free a second time.

De Blasio is surprised that violent criminals are resorting to violence again.

I think it’s unconscionable just on a human level that folks were shown mercy, and this is what some them have done[.]

No, what’s surprising is that someone as intelligent as a de Blasio would expect genteel behavior from violent criminals.

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