“This is about a public health crisis”

That’s what Progressive-Democrat Governor Laura Kelly, ruling in Kansas, said about her Executive Order barring churches and church-goers from gathering in groups greater than 10 folks after a Federal judge enjoined her (temporarily) from enforcing her diktat.

More completely, she said,

We are in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic. This is not about religion. This is about a public health crisis.

Because religion and public health have nothing to do with each other, or maybe because they stand in opposition to each other.

I’ll set aside the Constitutional argument for the injunction and for eliminating the EO altogether. This is about a Progressive-Democrat’s refusal to recognize the well-documented research that comfort and support are major factors in fighting any disease, whether from boosting an immune system or from fighting a disease in progress. Strengthening the mind, helping build and maintain the emotional strength necessary to keep resisting, to keep fighting, a disease is a critical component in that resistance, that fight.

Religion plays a central role in that support. Isolation, which includes limiting group sizes, is antithetical to that. Denying free access to emotional support, to the succor available in churches, synagogues, mosques, is antithetical to that.

Any doctor knows this. Any man of the cloth, whether minister, priest, rabbi, imam knows this. Any parishioner knows this.

Only a Progressive-Democrat governor ignores this.

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