Then Don’t Go Out

According to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, many Americans are worried about States relaxing stay-at-home/lockdown orders too soon in this Wuhan Virus situation. Sixty per cent of us, apparently.

A look inside, though, shows an importance difference.

  • 77% of Progressive-Democrats worry about opening too quickly
  • 39% of Republicans worry about opening too quickly

On the other hand,

  • 48% of Republicans are worried we’ll take too long to open up
  • 19% of Progressive-Democrats are worried we’ll take too long to open up

All of us, Progressive-Democrats and Republicans alike, though, should keep in mind one paramount fact: easing stay-at-home/lockdown restrictions isn’t the same as a requirement to go out. Those persons worried about too soon easing are free to stay indoors.

The rest of us should act like the adult human beings we are and make our own, separate, decisions about whether to take advantage of the relaxations; we don’t need to wait to be told what to do.

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