These two paragraphs in a Friday Wall Street Journal pretty much illustrates the whole problem of divisiveness in our nation and the Left’s role as the driving force in that.

So it went this week as President Trump popped off that he had “absolute authority” to reopen the economy. Governors and the media shrieked that he was triggering a constitutional crisis by acting like the dictator they have long claimed he wants to be.
Then on Thursday evening Mr Trump issued new guidelines for ending the lockdowns that put the decision to reopen in the hands of governors. The Democratic-media line immediately flipped to say Mr Trump was refusing to lead and abdicating responsibility. Mr Trump’s “absolute authority” impulse was wrong on the law and self-damaging, as he so often is. But even when Mr Trump turns around and acts as they prefer, his opponents denounce him and predict catastrophe.

It doesn’t get any clearer than this that the Progressive-Democratic Party has no policies in whose merits they believe enough to tout and to campaign on; all they have is “No” to anything Trumpian.

With their behavior in Congress blocking—now twice; although after four days, they agreed a compromise on the first effort—any Federal aid to our nation’s workers whose employers have been so broadly reduced by political responses to the Wuhan Virus situation, Party is demonstrating that it has something more broad than that: “No” to anything Republican.

Even if they have push one claim one day and its opposite the next. “No” is the word.

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