Howard Kurtz, self-appointed “news media” critic and supporter of the NLMSM as gateway to what we’re permitted to know of the doings in the world, is at it again. This time it’s his piece on Attorney General William Barr’s alleged musings about resigning as AG.

Kurtz opened his piece by doing what today’s journalists do: repeating others’ rumors.

As the Washington Post reported, and others have confirmed, William Barr “has told people close to President Trump—both inside and outside the White House—that he is considering quitting over Trump’s tweets about Justice Department investigations”—that’s according to three administration officials.

Both WaPo and Kurtz only have deliberately unnamed sources for these claims, so we can’t even know whether they exist, much less assess the accuracy of their claims or their motives in making them if they do exist.

There’s more along another axis.

…just as the president is declaring himself the nation’s “chief law enforcement officer….”

Kurtz presented this as though the declaration surprised him. Does he really not understand the position?  Here’s what Article II, Section 3, of our Constitution says:

…he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed….

“He” meaning the President of the United States, that office and officer being the subject of Art II. Does Kurtz really not understand the meaning of that clause? Surely his intern explained it to him when he did Kurtz’ research for this piece. Surely, that intern also explained to Kurtz that the AG is the chief prosecutor, not the chief law enforcement officer.

Indeed, neither the office of Attorney General or the officer exist in our Constitution; these are statutory creations of Congress. The Department of Justice didn’t exist at all for 100 years after our nation’s birth. Surely, that intern explained….

It gets…better:

The press gives him [Trump] plenty of voice, of course, but it’s not unfiltered.

There’s that arrogant, self-important gateway bit again. Which is a major part of why Trump is on social media as much as he is—the media “filters” what he says and does before reporting to us and before opining to us.

Kurtz closed his piece with this:

But those [prior Presidents’ pardons and commutations] were largely treated as isolated incidents, while the press is linking the Trump pardons to a wholesale assault on the criminal justice system.

There’s that filter in action, again.

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