House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has released her impeachment resolution, and with it she has confirmed the kangaroo court nature of this sham, and from that confirmed that the Progressive-Democrats’ effort is nothing but a continuing smear in their effort to prejudice the 2020 elections.  The resolution can be read here; these are the key highlights.

The resolution, which I expect to be voted up Thursday on strictly partisan lines, will confirm the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D, CA) and his committee as the lead on the House “inquiry” with Schiff as the sole lead on the process.

Republicans will be able to subpoena witnesses—so long as Schiff agrees.

Republicans will be able to examine and cross-examine witnesses—so long as Schiff approves the questions.

Republicans can see any documents, transcripts, and so on that they wish—so long as Schiff approves the requests.

Republicans can appeal Schiff’s rulings to the Intel Committee as a whole—which has a Progressive-Democrat majority membership.

The Ranking Republican on the committee will get the same amount of time to question witnesses (within the above limits) as the Committee Chairman, but the rest of the Republican committee members will see their time limited relative to the time allotted the Progressive-Democrat members.

There’s more, but these alone eliminate even a veneer of equal access to relevant witnesses.  This resolution is a sham, and nothing more.

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