Focus on Health, Not Abortion

That’s what Dr Beryl Rosenstein wants Louisiana to do in his Letter to The Wall Street Journal. He wrote in response to the WSJ‘s editorial supporting Louisiana’s newly passed law requiring doctors to have admitting privileges to a nearby hospital before they can perform abortions.

The good doctor provided a couple of health statistics in support of his thesis; one such is this one:

The neonatal mortality rate is 7.5/1,000 live births compared with the national rate of 5.8/1000 live births.

Since Rosenstein is so enamored of hard statistics, as he absolutely should be were he not so selective, here’s a hard statistic that he’s chosen to ignore: the prenatal mortality rate from abortion is 1000/0 live birth.

Louisiana and the entire nation could better invest its resources to actually improve the health and safety of all citizens, including our unborn babies.

Indeed, let’s do focus on health, not abortion.

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