Personal Responsibility

Business executives lack it. Or at least those who sent a letter to members of the Senate demanding action on gun control.

The letter asks senators to pass legislation requiring background checks on gun sales and said failing to take action on the issue is unacceptable.

With no trace of irony, the letter insists

We are writing to you because we have a responsibility and obligation to stand up for the safety of our employees, customers and all Americans in the communities we serve across the country[.]

So you have to satisfy our responsibility for us.

Cue Bill the Cat.

There’s nothing stopping these executives from barring firearms from their places of business on their own responsibility. Federal—and State—laws only authorize individual carry; they do not mandate it, nor do they prevent private businesses from saying, “not in our house.”

However, it’s easier for some to demand Government do something in their name than it is for those some to act on their own responsibility.

One thought on “Personal Responsibility

  1. I worked for several years in a building – in Texas! – posted no carry (concealed or open), at a time when workplace shootings were happening in nearby cities. Made me nervous as hell, because on the occasional fire drills, people wandered outside (under prodding), ignored assembly areas, and no one accounted for all personnel of a section being present.

    Except me, the anal vet, who always counted my people and required them to assemble in one area where I could account for them.

    Security wasn’t a total joke, but it was definitely out of sight for almost all. One other vet and I worried in private conversations, but corporate policy was very Silicon Valley PC, so we just made our own plans to do what we could, if ever …

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