Clearing the Decks

Boris Johnson has been elected—by a 2:1 margin—the new Conservative leader, and after a ritual with the Queen Wednesday, will become (I’m writing Tuesday) the new British Prime Minister.  He’s already losing a number of cabinet ministers, and some are painting that as a negative beginning.

Several ministers—including Justice Secretary David Gauke—resigned, indicating they would oppose any effort by Mr. Johnson to leave the EU without a deal to soften the predicted economic shock.

I disagree that this is a negative.  On the contrary, their departure is no great loss beyond the cumbersomeness of replacing them. This just clears out some of the obstructionists and makes it easier for Johnson to put in place his own Brexit team.

The tougher nut will be getting past May’s and Parliament’s timidity in dealing with Iran and Iran’s piracy against British shipping.

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