The Land of the Free

Free Stuff, that is.  Here’s the latest from Senator and Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren (D, MA).  In addition to all the other free stuff she wants us to have, now she wants free child care.

[F]amilies living below the 200% poverty threshold (roughly $51,500 for a family of four) would get free access to child care and early education….

With this, Warren wants folks who, by her own definition, are not poverty-ridden to get free child care.  Notice, too, she’s lumped in with child care her “early education”—that’s her tacit admission that our public schools no longer provide actual education; they’re just child care facilities.

More importantly than that, though, is how she would pay for all of this.

Warren proposed using money from the ultra-millionaire tax that she announced at the end of January. Under the tax, anyone with more than $50 million in assets would pay a 2% tax. For those who have assets valued at $1 billion or higher, it would be a 3% tax.

That might—might—cover expenses for the first few years.  But Warren has no clue of what to do next (beyond, I assume, the usual Progressive-Democrat “solution” of raise taxes some more).  Warren has no clue where to get the money for all this free stuff (recall that she’s using her tax on the evil rich for other spending, too) when we don’t have any more rich because they’ve been taxed out of existence, no one aspires to be rich anymore (with the associated loss of economic activity and steady impoverishment of our population as a whole), the few remaining rich have moved their money overseas (and perhaps joined their money).

But hey—it’s Free Stuff today.  It’s votes today.

More important even than all of that is the moral damage she proposes to do to us Americans.  No longer are we to be responsible individuals, we’re just to be come wards of the State.  Her State.  Her State will supplant our individual morality with her own version; her State will strip us of our individual responsibilities, our individual duties.  Her State will do those.

Elizabeth Warren’s State is a socialist State.  John Adams wrote more than one hundred years ago that the nation of our Constitution required a virtuous, moral people to run it.  That’s not Elizabeth Warren’s State.

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