The VA Fails Again

Now we learn that the Veterans Administration owes our disabled veterans a ton of money for something other than their health: some 53,000 of them have been charged home loan fees that they didn’t have to pay, to the tune of $189 million in aggregate. Those 53,000 are over half of our veterans who were allowed the fee waiver.  VA auditors have discovered that, for 2012 through 2017

[V]eterans were charged the fees under the VA’s Home Loan Guaranty Program and now may be entitled to refunds ranging from $5,000 to $20,000….

That’s bad enough, but mistakes—even egregious ones like this—happen.  What makes this mistake unacceptable is this [emphasis added]:

The watchdog report also said the Veterans Benefits Administration knew since 2014 that tens of thousands of veterans may have been wrongfully charged the funding fee.
“OIG finds it troubling that senior (Veterans Benefits Administration) management was aware that thousands of veterans were potentially owed more than $150 million yet did not take adequate actions to ensure refunds were issued,” the IG report says.

Troubling.  NSS.

And this:

The VBA [Veterans Benefit Administration] noted that the financial impact to the veterans was minimal over the life of the loan, the inspector general report says.

Oh, well, that makes it all right.

No, it doesn’t.  The only thing that makes it all right is the disbandment of the VA altogether and use its budget and putative future budgets as vouchers our veterans


Veteranos Administratio delende est.

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