Why Biden Can’t Apologize to Hill

In 1998, Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden told then-Senator Arlen Specter (D, PA), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee which Biden chaired during Justice Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearings, what he, Biden, thought of Anita Hill’s testimony:

It was clear to me from the way she was answering the questions, she was lying.

Then he called Hill and “apologized” for the way she was treated—but carefully not for his part in that supposed mistreatment.

Then, a few days ago, he said this on The View:

Not only didn’t I vote for Clarence Thomas, I believed her [Anita Hill] from the beginning.

Those two statements are too diametrically opposed and too carefully stated for there to be any alternative interpretations—they can’t both be true.  One of them is false, and under the care with which both statements were formed, that one must be a lie.

Hill couldn’t believe Biden’s apology were he to offer one.  And neither could anyone else.

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