When the Bad Man Comes

Forty-nine people were murdered in their house of worship in Christ Church, New Zealand last Friday. The thug

slaughtered worshipers at Al Noor [mosque] in a roughly two-minute rampage within that building. He then left for about two minutes before re-entering the building and firing on people on the ground for a further minute.

Left and came back.  Then he drove five miles across town to another mosque and started in again.

The butcher was active for thirty-six minutes before police arrived—that’s thirty-six minutes from the first call to the police, not from the start of the shooting.

When the bad man comes and seconds count, the police will be only minutes away.

Our Progressive-Democrats want to disarm us with their idiotic gun “control” laws.  New Zealand’s gun laws already require a citizen to satisfy the local police in order to get permission to bear any arm at all, and they want to tighten gun laws further.

The nature of this pseudo-logic is succinctly laid out by Rogério Mendonça of Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of the Brazilian Congress:

The logic of the left is always the same: if a crazy guy uses guns to kill people, the solution is to take guns away from people who have nothing to do with what happened[.]

This would be criminal were it not so self-evidently insane.

Mendonça then supplied the right answer:

Now imagine if a decent person had been armed at that school [referring to a Brazilian school attack in which eight children were murdered]. They could have stopped the attack from ending in the bloody way it did.

Just as is often done in the US; after all, the first responders are those already at the scene.  However, these successful defenses don’t get the publicity that mass killings in gun free zones get.

One thought on “When the Bad Man Comes

  1. Today’s WSJ:

    “Emerging accounts of the deadliest massacre in New Zealand’s history, which left 50 people dead in two mosques, suggest the suspected gunman was able to dramatically increase the body count by trapping victims in areas with few exits, especially in the Al Noor prayer room.

    “Survivors and victims’ families note the shooter was able to roam the city largely at will for more than 30 minutes, calmly entering, exiting, and then re-entering two mosques to double down on his killing spree. At times he fired bursts of gunshots along a busy street outside of Al Noor, alerting his presence to the outside world, before heading back in for more executions.”

    Security from external threats became a part of the trap. The windows had steel bars to protect from the outside – and bodies piled up on the inside of them as people tried to pull off the bars after breaking the glass.

    Our safety, and that of our loved ones, lies first in our hands.

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