Potty-Mouth Minds

Misbehaving HOAs strike again, this time one whose board members have dirty minds.  See this image.

A resident stuck with this HOA was threatened with a serious fine over this snow shadow in her parking space.  It seems her car was parked there during a snowfall, and when she drove away, this shadow was left (no tire tracks because the snowfall continued for a time after she drove away.  A “concerned” fellow resident squawked to the HOA.

The shadow, it seemed to some with pornography on their minds, resembled a phallus.  The HOA board members apparently shared that obsession.

The resident, refusing to be cowed by potty-mouths, pushed back, threatening legal action, and the obsessed ones folded, withdrawing their threats and dropping further action.

Phallus?  Right.  It looks like a cartoon’s version of a dog bone to me.

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