A Note about a Note

Ambassador John Bolton, at Monday’s noon press conference, had two brief notes at the top of his 8.5×11 yellow note pad, written in clear, black lettering.  One referenced Afghanistan, and the other said, “5,000 troops to Colombia.”

Naturally, the NLMSM jumped all over that second one and is wondering a) how could Bolton be so careless as to let the press see and photograph such a note, and b) whatever could it mean?

Look at how Bolton was holding his pad.  Bolton’s note was for Venezuela’s Maduro’s benefit.  What it means is that the NLMSM was trolled and made practical use of.  Bolton exposed the note knowing full well the NLMSM would jump all over it and bruit it about, ensuring that Maduro would see it.

What adult human being with two neurons to bump together into a ganglion, though (Maduro excepted), believes the Colombian government would let us stick half a division of American troops in their country with the risk we’d jump across the border and thereby involve Colombia in a war?


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