Increase Spending, Taxes?

Americans seem to favor that, according to a Fox News poll released last Thursday and discussed on Fox Business Online.

[T]here is broad support for increasing taxes on the wealthiest families. Voters support tax increases on families making over $10 million annually by a 46-point margin (70% favor-24% oppose), and support a hike on those making over $1 million by 36 points (65-29%).
There is less support for a broader tax increase: 44% favor raising rates on those with income over $250,000, and a small minority, 13%, approves of an increase on all Americans.

What would have been interesting, though, and which Fox News chose not to do, would have been to break those preferences out by age group (the poll had only two categories: under/over 45), by income level (again, the poll only had two categories: under/over $50k), by income taxes actually paid in the prior year, and by welfare payments/tax credits received in the prior year.

Trends in those categories might seem too obvious to bother collecting data for, and trends indicated in the last two categories would have been skewed by willingness of respondents to divulge that information, but until data actually are collected, that “obvious” can only be speculative.

The poll itself can be seen here.

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