Emergency Powers

President Donald Trump is giving very serious consideration to declaring a national emergency so he can reallocate certain funding toward building the border wall that’s so necessary in various places and that the Progressive-Democrats are so dead set against funding, even though they’ve voted, within the last decade, an order of magnitude more money for a wall than Trump is requesting.

Trump clearly has the legal authority to declare such an emergency and to carry out the funds reallocation.

Trump, though, has another way to force the Progressive-Democrats’ hand.  Here’s what Article II, Section 3 says, in pertinent part:

…he [the President] may, on extraordinary Occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them….

The next time Congress takes a break of any sort—this just ending weekend, for instance—Trump should call both Houses back into active session and refuse to let them have any break, interruption, recess, or other departure from active presence on the House and Senate floors until demonstrably good faith negotiations over border wall funding are well in progress and initial (successful) votes conducted.

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