This. Is. Facebook.  Sorry, I don’t have James Earl Jones’ impressive, deep voice.  But here is Facebook’s MFWIC on a most serious incident that occurred during the Ford/Kavanaugh sort of joint hearing a little bit ago.

Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg told a packed room of employees Friday that the company should embrace diverse views, but he expressed frustration that a senior executive had attended Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s highly politicized hearing….

These are mutually exclusive claims, particularly since all Kaplan—that evilly miscreant employee about whom Zuckerberg speaking—did was sit in the Senate Judiciary Committee’s gallery with other of Kavanaugh’s friends and family.

Zuckerberg needs to understand that when he spouts nonsense like this—be diverse, but only with approved diversees—he has no credibility.

Although Kaplan has done his own credibility no good by cravenly apologizing for doing a moral thing, for supporting his friend.

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