The EU and Iran

The European Union is busily working with Iran to develop a channel for payments that’s outside the normal flow of currencies so that the EU and Iran can continue to do business with each other outside the US sanction regime.  The purpose of this is so the EU can facilitate Iran’s economy and so the EU can make money.

Nothing wrong with that last, at all.  The EU should be working to support its businesses.

There are other ways of achieving that, though.  With this path, the EU is making itself complicit in Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

[High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica] Mogherini said Iran has remained fully committed to its obligations under the nuclear deal, as certified by a dozen reports from UN’s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency. She also hailed the 2015 agreement as a major achievement for diplomacy and nonproliferation….

This is entirely disingenuous. On what basis does Mogherini believe Iran’s claims?

What inspections? No one is allowed to inspect Iran’s civilian facilities without weeks of advance warning. No one is allowed to inspect Iran’s military facilities, where weapons development primarily occurs, at all. Iran isn’t being inspected for compliance.

How is an agreement to delay nuclear weapons development for a few years (even stipulating Iran is honoring the delay) followed by complete release of all restrictions on Iran’s nuclear weapons development a major achievement for nonproliferation?

Mogherini and her EU cohorts have chosen not to explain any of that.

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