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Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault ‘way back in their high school days, now doesn’t want to testify about her accusation—to back up her claim—in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  She wants an FBI investigation of the alleged crime—never mind that she knows, because her lawyers know, and they’ve surely briefed her, that such a thing is not a Federal crime, and so the FBI has no standing to investigate.

Her lawyers also are claiming that Ford is afraid to come to DC because of the alleged backlash she’s faced since Senator Dianne Feinstein (D, CA) outed her.

[Her lawyers] also said their client had received death threats and had her email hacked, and criticized the timing of the hearing.

The police reports she filed regarding those death threats and that hack job are public records.  Let’s see those records.  If she didn’t file any complaints with the police, she plainly doesn’t take the alleged threats and hack seriously, and so there’s no reason for the Committee members, or any of us, to do so.

The hearing was scheduled too soon? This is nonsense, also.  She’s been rehashing these…memories…for at least 6 years whether by design or by their trauma. She’s ready to testify now—and she doesn’t even have to publicly; she’s been offered a closed-door hearing, and she’s been offered the opportunity to be deposed away from the madding crowds of DC, in a location of her choice.

Monday is the hearing, and she’s been invited to testify.  If Ford is a no-show, and if I were the Committee’s chairman (Senator Chuck Grassley (R, IA) is a much better man than I), I’d have an empty chair at her place at the table, and questions for Ford would be directed to the empty chair.

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  1. The latest is that she has aviophobia – fear of flying – due to the trauma of the alleged incident (and being trapped in a confined space with no possible exit). Yet I see no comment re avoiding elevators – more confined – or other flights, such as her going elsewhere in California to surf, and Hawaii. Did she drive there? Or swim?

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