Trial? We Don’t Need No Stinking Trial

Progressive-Democratic Party candidate for Texas Senator Beto O’Rourke wants a cop fired.  At a rally last Friday, O’Rourke was asked whether Officer Amber Guyger should be fired.  You remember the case: the officer seems to have entered the wrong apartment, mistaking if for her own, saw a man in the still darkened apartment, the man did not respond to Guyger’s commands, and she wound up shooting him.  O’Rourke’s response to the rally-goer’s question:

I don’t understand given the actions how anyone can come to any other conclusion.

Really?  The evidence the NLMSM has chosen to publish—a subset of the evidence the police are able to release in the middle of an ongoing investigation—certainly appears damning.  But where is the public record of all of the evidence?  When was Guyger’s trial and conviction?  When did it become the American way to begin punishing a person even before an investigation is completed, much less a trial held?

O’Rourke wasn’t finished.  He also

questioned why when everyone is seeking facts, the warrant was released which detailed that marijuana was found in that apartment.

Apparently, only some facts need be sought out, especially early on when it’s unclear—except to the special few—which facts matter.

Of course, it’s of a piece with the Dear Colleague Letter sent out by the Obama Education Department that made it permissible for a school to “convict” a male student on the basis of a female student’s accusation while denying the male student’s right to legal representation or even the opportunity to cross-exam the accuser or accuser’s witnesses.  It’s of a piece with the Progressive-Democrats’ hue and cry over current DoEd Secretary Betsy DeVos’ unmitigated gall in insisting on actual due process for the accused in educational facilities.

And it’s of a piece with a Progressive-Democrat President’s insistence—immediately after he’d admitted he knew none of the facts—that a cop had acted stupidly.

This is due process as the Progressive-Democrats would have it.  This is Beto O’Rourke’s view of due process for those accused of wrong-doing.  Remember this, this fall.

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