US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has new ambassadorial digs, and those digs have new curtains.  The rent for the digs is 58 large each month, and the curtains were almost $53k.  If you think those numbers are outlandish for some office space and window coverings, you’re right.

Then we get The New York Times castigating her for spending that kind of taxpayer money.  Never mind that the NYT carefully buried some key facts regarding these expenses.  Facts like it being the Obama administration that committed to the rent and that bought the curtains; Haley had no say in the matter. Facts like the rent in particular, to Obama’s credit, being much lower than other administrations have spent on their UN ambassador’s digs.

Jeez.  At least the NYT‘s sister tabloids, National Enquirer, Globe, Star, et al., have some entertainment value.

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