A DNC Lawsuit

The Tom Perez and Keith Ellison-led Democratic National Committee is suing the Russian government, the Trump campaign, and WikiLeaks, claiming the three acted to mess with the 2016 elections.

Bring it.

I have two comments on the suit.  One is, admittedly, purely cynical.  The Trump party should refuse any attempt to settle the suit.  Instead, they should force the thing into court and through all appeals brought by the DNC, and they should use every hour of any time periods allowed to produce this or that document, brief, what-have-you for the court.  Use up the DNC’s money.

The other comment is more serious and more straightforward.  Discovery should be fun.  Let the Trump party have all of the DNC’s servers and contents for inspection pursuant to this suit so they can look for evidence of the interference.  Included in that discovery must be those DNC servers and contents that the DNC claims were hacked and which the DNC refused to allow the FBI to inspect at the time in the FBI’s search for evidence.  In addition to the servers and contents, the DNC should be required to provide all the steps it took to preserve that evidence from the time of the hack.

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