Telecommunications Security

The US is concerned about People’s Republic of China’s cell phone company, Huawei, and the threat it poses to our national security, through an ability to use its equipment to conduct espionage and to shut down our communications networks, were it to get a significant foothold in our cell phone network, whether via its cell phones or its network equipment—its routers, switches, and cell-tower gear.  The concern stems from Huawei’s relationship with the PRC government, which makes the company an arm of that government.

The British government, on the other hand, is embracing Huawei with open arms, even as it seeks ever more intimate economic ties with the PRC.  Brit intel has warned the government of these risks, but the government has said to pay no mind.  After all, in answer to the concerns, Huawei set up and funds a lab that tests its equipment.

30 people with UK security clearances disassemble Huawei equipment and evaluate hardware and software for security vulnerabilities. Huawei funds and operates the lab, and the staff are Huawei employees. Overseeing the operation is a board composed of mostly senior British intelligence and government officials, as well as three Huawei representatives.

Does anyone seriously expect that “senior British officials,” as isolated from the actual work as they are, will be able effectively to oversee the “evaluations?”

The wolf is minding the flock. How braindead is that?

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