Shootings and Schools

One answer to school shootings is to maintain our schools and school grounds as gun free zones and thereby keep our children exposed to the risk of butchery.

Another answer is to have government limit who is allowed to have guns in our nation and determine the purpose for which we’ll be allowed to have them and thereby, in addition to keeping our children exposed to the risk of butchery, exposing our families and ourselves to that risk.

Another answer is to train and arm school personnel.

Butler County [Ohio] Sheriff Richard Jones wrote on Twitter on Sunday that he will offer a concealed and a carry class, along with training on school shootings.

Jones added

We can’t be like ostriches and have our heads in the sand. We’ve got to protect the kids, period.

Jones is right.  We can’t wish our individual responsibilities or our parental responsibilities off onto government.  Our children are not wards of the state, and neither are we.

Consider: how many of those 17 murdered children in Parkland would be alive today had there been someone or someones on scene and able to shoot the shooter?  How many of those many injured would be unharmed today had there been someone or someones on scene and able to shoot the shooter?

The gun control persons of the Left don’t care about that.  They just want the ego-stroke of being able to tell other people what to do and not do.  The Progressive-Democrats in Congress don’t care, either; they’re just virtue signaling.  Dead children don’t mean any more to them than vote harvesting machines.

2 thoughts on “Shootings and Schools

  1. It’s worth reading David Grossman – any book, though I think On Combat is more useful to this situation than On Killing/>. The inability to shoot at another human is well-ingrained in our culture, and must be dealt with by the responder. The shooter has already managed it, through mental dysfunction or cultural modification.

    I absolutely agree with armed protection against armed attackers – but prepare the protection properly or its failure to respond will be counterproductive.

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