EPA Settlements

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has issued new instructions that

requires the agency to seek the participation of affected industries and states in settlement negotiations.

Environmental groups are having major hissy fits over this, complaining among other things that the instructions will complicate settlements and drag out what used to be easy settlement negotiations.

Of course they’re in an uproar: they’re not going to get cushy deals anymore.

Regarding their other beef, about complexified settlements, here’s an obvious solution: don’t do settlements.  Force all suits through to a court ruling/jury verdict while refusing an environmental group’s efforts to withdraw a suit when it becomes apparent to the group that they’re not going to get the deal they thought they could force with its lawfare-originated suit.

There are legitimate environmental problems, and some of them want a court’s solution.  It’s well past time that those cases weren’t delegitimized by frivolous suits or lawfare uproars.

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