President Donald Trump’s decertification of Iran’s compliance with the JCPOA—because they’ve not been, and after two certs (six months) of data collection reasonably free from Obama administration bureaucrats’ fogging, the data are clear.

The Wall Street Journal headlined their piece earlier in the week that forecast that decision with this:

Trump Leaves Thorny Issues at GOP Lawmakers’ Doorstep

This is entirely appropriate. Our elected representatives should be handling the thorny issues instead of cowering under their desks avoiding “hard choices.”

On the question of what to do with the decert, House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (R, TX) was paraphrased by the WSJ as saying [the emphasis is mine to highlight the WSJ‘s characterization of the timing]:

the question for lawmakers now is, “What would happen if we change our mind and void the deal, what would be the consequences?”

This is disingenuous. They’ve had that question before them since the JCPOA was signed. Of course they already know the answers, having kept plugging current affairs into the consideration as they’ve occurred these last couple of years.

Just like they’ve known for the last eight years what bills to pass that would repeal and replace Obamacare and Dodd-Frank.  Just like they’ve known for the last dozen years what bills to pass to reform our nation’s tax code and spending habits.

But there’s that duty avoidance in favor of ducking and covering again.

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