Another Alternative

The Seattle Seahawks have figured one out—an alternative to kneeling during our national anthem and thereby attacking our anthem and flag and insulting our veterans and our Gold Star families.

The team announced the “Seahawks Players Equality & Justice for All Action Fund” in a statement on their website, as a way to combat “injustice and inequality by supporting leadership and education programs.”

In a statement signed by the players, they said the program will fund “programs addressing equality and justice” with hopes to “build a more compassionate and inclusive society.”


They said an advisory board will be created to oversee the group and to decide how they will distribute the donated money. The board is said to be made up of players, team staff, and business and community leaders.

Good on the Seahawks.  Late?  Meh.  Late means they got it done.  Besides, the correction of the error is much more important than the mere fact of the error.

Unfortunately, though, many of the Seahawks players gave the lie to their part in the gesture by remaining seated during the national anthem at the start of Sunday night’s game.

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