The Moral Relativism of the Left

It doesn’t matter whether the Left is our own gang or Germany’s—they carefully are insisting that their hate groups are legitimate while those claiming to be on the right are terrible.  And they distort the facts while they’re about it, so lost in their own bigotry are they.

This cynical distortion is from Deutsche Welle (the author of the piece didn’t have the courage to sign his name to it, as do other authors of DW articles):

In his comments, Trump also appeared to show sympathy for the white nationalists’ efforts to preserve Confederate monuments—the issue that had started the confrontations, as a monument depicting Civil War General Robert E Lee was being removed in Charlottesville.

Of course, DW knows this is false.  The ones trying to preserve the Confederate monuments were folks who view them as symbols of a heritage of courage and loyalty.  The white nationalists and white supremacists who were present have nothing to do with that and were there only to assert their own twisted ideology, usurping an entirely separate protest altogether.

There’s also German Justice Minister Heiko Maas:

It is intolerable how Trump is now glossing over the violence of the right-wing hordes from Charlottesville.

Because the Antifa gang, whose goal it is to physically attack those with whom they disagree, who attacked the protesters—who had the city’s permits to engage in their protest—is entirely justifiable.  This is shocking from a man who sits on a judge’s bench.

On our side of the water, there’s ex-Vice President Joe Biden (D) tweeting

There is only one side.

He’s right about, but not in the way he thinks.

Never mind that neo-Nazis; KKK, neo- and otherwise; white supremacists; et al., have nothing to do with the right (beyond the “alt-right” of the NLMSM’s fetid imagination).  It’s wrong to condemn the Left’s Antifa, BLM, New Black Panther Party, CAIR, La Raza, et al., for the violence, vandalism, and other crimes they committed during the Charlottesville riots last weekend.

Those thugs and their bigotry, their hatred of all who disagree with them, their attacks on those of whose speech they disapprove, their criminality can’t possibly be on the same plane as those who usurped a peaceful pro-Confederate flag protest by inserting their Nazi spew into the protest.  Mm, mm.

The Left’s hatred is better than the hatred they attribute to the right.

That’s crap.  Hate groups aren’t part of the right or the left, they’re just part of Hate.  They’re on only one side—their own, the side Biden accidentally called out.

It’s interesting that the Left enthusiastically embraces its hate groups while the right openly and just as enthusiastically reject the hate groups that claim they’re on the right—as the right condemns all hate groups.  Just as President Donald Trump condemned all hate groups in Charlottesville.  There are no moral differences among hate groups.

The Left doesn’t get that.  Or doesn’t care.

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