Mueller’s Grand Jury

Judge Andrew Napolitano thinks the reason Special Counsel Robert Mueller has convened a grand jury as part of his “investigation” into alleged Russia collusion by members of President Donald Trump’s campaign staff is so Mueller can use the jury’s subpoena power to compel testimony and the delivery of documents.  Napolitano also said, in FoxNews insider‘s paraphrase, that the jury’s convening is

a sign that Mueller has found something from some source….

As an aside, I put investigation in quotes because it’s difficult to believe Mueller is conducting a legitimate investigation: he has too many leaks coming out of that thing, including the leak of the fact of this grand jury’s existence.  Grand juries are secret operations, among other reasons, so as to not tip off the target of the fact of the investigation or of its progress.  This leak is an enormous one, but it’s only one of the myriad that Mueller has allowed to occur and which stream Mueller has chosen not to stop.

Back to the topic.  Sure, the existence of the grand jury means Mueller “found something.”  It might be serious, or it might be the ham sandwich that any prosecutor can get a grand jury to indict.

Given the leaking coming from Mueller’s “investigation”—my spaghetti colander leaks less, albeit with the same deliberateness—it may well be that he has, indeed, assembled his ham sandwich.

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