The Trump Tax Leak

Host Rachel Maddow said the two-page summary of Trump’s federal return for that year was first obtained by journalist David Cay Johnston, who gave MSNBC a first look at the documents.

It is unclear who leaked them. Johnston, with the website, said only that he found the documents “in the mail.”

If you believe that the leaked return just sort of showed up like that, maybe you’ll believe that I have some beachfront property north of Santa Fe to sell you.

The question, though, is how did they get these tax files from the IRS?  How did the IRS come to leak them—which leak is a felony?  How did Johnston and Maddow obtain these files—which looks a lot like receiving stolen goods, if the stuff wasn’t, strictly speaking, leaked?

On the lesser matter, it turns out that Presidential Candidate Donald Trump wasn’t the one blowing smoke over his taxes—it was the mendacious NLMSM.  Trump, from those 2005 tax data, paid nearly 25% of his income in income taxes.  Which is considerably more than the Left’s other billionaire hero, Warren Buffet, who paid less income tax than his secretary and who wants billionaires to pay more (but he still refuses to make donations to the Treasury…).

However, don’t expect the mendacity of the Left and its Progressives to lessen on matters related to President Donald Trump.

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  1. Apparently, the tax return was stamped “Client Copy” – which would seem to indicate the source may be in the accounting firm/office which prepared and/or had his files.

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