Common Ground

The Democratic Party—the party being run by Progressives, hence the Progressive-Democratic Party—met earlier in the week in a Party retreat to plot its way forward as the minority party in the Federal, and a majority of State, governments.  The agenda consisted of how to block White House and House Republican proposals.

Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (D, MD) [at the retreat] pointed to the tally from the popular vote in the 2016 election to say that Democrats represent the “majority view” in America….

Never mind that that “majority” came solely from California and New York, two States that don’t come close to being representative of mainstream America.  Never mind, either, that majority of States whose voters have demonstrated—repeatedly—that the majority view, the mainstream view, is not close to the Progressive-Democratic Party view.


Actions like that [President Donald Trump’s EO imposing a moratorium on entry into the US from some Middle East countries], Ms Pelosi said, diminish hope of common ground with Democrats.

This is typical of the Progressive-Democrats’ arrogance.  The US must revolve around them. They have no need to seek out common ground with others, least of all those who disagree with them.

And this closer from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi:

As long as the president continues down this path, there is nothing Democrats can work with him in[.]

No, the Progressive-Democrats need to cooperate and work with the Republican majority.  That was, after all, the majority Progressive-Democrats’ mantra during six of the last eight years when they held the majority of one or both houses of Congress.

But working with, cooperating, only goes one way, apparently.  The mountain must come to Mohamed.

Common ground, indeed.

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