The Party of Hell No

Not now, not ever.

In legislative proposals, campaign promises, donor pitches and even in some Senate hearings, Democrats have opted for a hard-line, give-no-quarter posture, a reflection of a seething party base that will have it no other way.

Democratic Party strategist and Party Leader, in fact if only unofficially, David Brock:

I predict the coming divide in the Democratic Party won’t be ideological so much as it will be between those who resist and oppose and those who accommodate and appease[.]

And Jehmu Greene, one of the candidates for officially leading the party:

We have an opportunity as a party to be that place of resistance. So we have to form a solid resistance as a party. And no, it is not about working with Donald Trump.

It’s not only in Congress, either.

Other sessions [at Brock’s weekend donor and Party MFWICs conference] detailed a massive pushback operation that featured expansive litigation plans and opposition research efforts.

This is nothing more, or less, than destructive of the nation’s welfare, and it’s all for petty, bruised egos.

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