Completely Despicable

The Wall Street Journal accurately summed up President Barack Obama (D) regarding his betrayal of Israel with his decision to allow a nakedly anti-Israeli resolution before the UN Security Council to pass unopposed.

The decision by the United States to abstain from a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israel over its settlements on the West Bank is one of the most significant, defining moments of the Obama Presidency.

It defines this President’s extraordinary ability to transform matters of public policy into personal pique at adversaries.

Obama didn’t even have the courage to vote, through his UN mouthpiece Samantha Powers, for the resolution: he hid behind the moral cowardice of an abstention.

Although the WSJ‘s op-ed went on to describe as well other aspects of Obama’s act, those opening sentences sum up the man.  This is a petty, small man who has chosen throughout his reign [sic] to allow his ego and his penchant for hurt feelings to interfere with policy.  His legacy has become one of unbroken venality, failure, and betrayal of American values and of America’s friends and allies.

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