Obstruction and Understanding

We’ve seen an example of how the Democrats of the Senate intend to obstruct everything Republican.

Now we get the Democrats’ intension to be knee jerk obstructive in the House.  The New York Times had a piece over the weekend concerning Congressman Keith Ellison’s (D, MN) desire to be both a Congressman and the chairman of the Democratic National Committee.  In making his argument that he could do both together, Ellison said this about the nature of being in the minority party in Congress:

All there is to do is to vote “no.”

There they are, two things in a single nutshell (yes, pun intended).  The Democratic Party has no intension of participating in Congressional deliberations.  All they’re going to do—no Democrat has objected to Ellison’s attitude—is just knee jerk obstruct.

The other thing? The Democratic Party now views representing their constituents as strictly a part time job, unworthy of their full focus.  It seems to me that the minority party would want to work harder, not less, so they could…stop being the minority party.

The men and women of the Democratic Party, with their decision to “misunderstand” their roles and duties in Congress, do their constituents and our nation a grave disservice.  The Democratic Party is unworthy of America.

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