The Diversity Officer Doesn’t Understand

Recall the Somali student at Ohio State University who attacked so many of his fellow students because he blamed the US for anti-Muslim fervor in Burma and who “wanted to kill a billion infidels.”

Stephanie Clemons Thompson, Ohio State University’s Assistant Director of Residence Life, put this up on Facebook, according to Debra Heine of PJMedia:diversityofficercompassionHeine has already addressed the pain of his fellow students whom he attacked and other of his fellow students, pain which Thompson has chosen to ignore.  I’ll just note that Thompson plainly does not understand family, community, association.

Artan removed himself—no one removed him—through his own criminal acts from his earlier status as a Buckeye, from his membership in the OSU family, from his membership in the community of the United States.  He created himself an outlaw.  Thompson should review her Locke, which she surely read in her own freshman General Studies coursework.

Oh, and Thompson appears to have taken down her Facebook post.  Apparently she doesn’t even have the courage of her own conviction.

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