Education and Unions

What do teachers unions have against quality schools?

Georgians will be voting on a State Constitution amendment that would create a statewide school district into which failing public schools from any individual school district could be transferred.  This statewide district would have the authority to make any changes to a failing school it deemed necessary—including ridding the school of its union representatives and including further converting the failing school to a charter school or closing it altogether.

Naturally, teachers unions oppose this threat to their core.  The National Education Association alone has dumped over five-and-a-half million dollars into the state to oppose the amendment, because union teachers.  Never mind that there are 68,000 children currently trapped in 127 failing public schools—535 children per failure.  Unionization is more important to teachers unions than the education of the children for which these unions are responsible.

It gets…better: this is what a Clinton administration will allow unions to inflict on our children nationwide, even if the unions lose—and the children win—on the Georgia ballot tomorrow.

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