Furious Agents

Recall the latest revelation concerning the FBI’s pseudo-investigation of now-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton; her unsecured private email servers; her unsecured emails, including those two thousand classified emails and emails with classified data in them (which rendered them classified, also, even though markings were absent); and her and her staff’s destruction of thousands of emails that were under subpoena at the time of their destruction.

This latest revelation is the payment by a Clinton acolyte, Governor Terry McAuliffe (D, VA), through his PAC, of nearly $470 thousand and the payment by the Virginia Democratic Party of another nearly $210 thousand to then-Virginia Democratic Party Senatorial candidate Dr Jill McCabe to support her candidacy.  McCabe is the wife of Andrew McCabe, the FBI official in charge of the FBI’s alleged investigation of Clinton.

Judge Andrew Napolitano now is saying that

There are probably 100 FBI agents who worked on the investigation of Mrs. Clinton—hardworking men and women in field who gathered evidence and interviewed witnesses—…and are furious at the decision not to prosecute her[.]

Apparently, they’re not all that angry.  None of them—not a single one—has resigned over the matter.

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