Clintons, Clinton Foundation, and Donations

Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is making the claim, through her campaign staff, that the Clinton Foundation will stop taking donations from foreign countries or from corporations in the event she’s elected President.

Republican Party Presidential candidate Donald Trump and his campaign organization are pointing out a loophole in that Clinton commitment: the promised ban carefully does not include smaller Clinton-tied charities like Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, and Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), among others.

There’s another loophole in Clinton’s commitment, though.  The Clinton Foundation would be permitted to accept donations (only) from

US citizens and independent charities[.]

Notice that.  Foreign governments and other foreign favor-seekers would have only to make their donations to any of a number of those “independent charities,” which then would pass along the money to the Clinton Foundation.  Wall Street donors and their like, US citizens for the most part, can still buy their favors directly through the Clinton Foundation.  That’s a loophole you could drive a truck through.

“Commitment,” indeed.  How very Clinton-esque.

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