Hillary Clinton, Homosexuals, and Money Collections

Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Hillary Clintons claims she’s on the side of gays, transsexuals, and others living alternative life styles.  She claims she’s against discrimination against these folks based on their lifestyle.  This is where a significant fraction of her foundation’s money comes from.

  • Algeria: ($250,000-$500,000) Algerian law states: “Anyone guilty of a homosexual act is punishable with imprisonment.”
  • Brunei: ($1 million-$5 million) Brunei’s penal code states: “Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman, or animal, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 10 years.”
  • Jamaica: ($50,000-$100,000) Gay men caught having sex face up to 10 years in prison.
  • Kuwait: ($5 million-$10 million) Kuwaiti law states: “Consensual intercourse between men of full age (from the age of 21) shall be punishable with a term of imprisonment of up to seven years.”
  • Oman: ($1 million-$5 million) Law states: “Anyone who commits erotic acts with a person of the same sex shall be sentenced to imprisonment from six months to three years.”
  • Qatar: ($1 million-$5 million) Sentences for acts of homosexuality range from one to seven years in prison.
  • Saudi Arabia: ($10 million-$25 million) Islamic law in Saudi Arabia enforces penalties for homosexual sex, ranging from public flogging to death. For a non-Muslim who commits sodomy with a Muslim, the penalty is death by stoning.
  • United Arab Emirates: ($1 million-$5 million) Emirati law states: “All sexual acts outside of heterosexual marriage are banned in the United Arab Emirates.”

Within the reporting precision levied on the Clinton Foundation, that works out to $19,300,000 to $55,600,000 from this subset of donors.  Even if the true value works out be on the low side of this range, that’s a lot of money for Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Notice two other things about that list.  One is the penalty for being gay or for engaging in homosexual activity that these donors levy against their own citizens.

The other thing is that these all are foreign nations, and all of those donations are serious money compared to the donor nation’s economic capacity.  These nations plainly are buying influence with the candidate whom they anticipate being our next President.

Interestingly, gay rights groups think her hypocrisy is OK.  They’re carefully silent on the matter.  In the end, though, Clinton is the one running for President, not anyone from those groups pretending to favor gay rights.

Can our nation afford an additional four years of Democrat hypocrisy?

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