Sexism of the Left

Jessica Tarlov, a political strategist at Douglas E. Schoen, LLC, had a couple of thoughts on the significance of Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s primary victories Tuesday and their aggregation into the likely Democratic Party’s nomination.

[W]hat really matters here is that the United States has now joined just a few nations across the globe in offering the opportunity to pick a woman to be president.

I couldn’t be prouder.

And I also couldn’t be more astounded at how little the magnitude of this feat has seemed to matter.

While gaining the party’s nomination is something of a big deal, the gender of the nominee is singularly unimportant.  Beyond that, it matters so little because it’s already been done.  Tarlov carefully ignored Geraldine Ferraro who, if elected, would have been right next to the office.  Tarlov carefully ignored the election of an American who is black, which was a far larger accomplishment, even though race is as singularly unimportant as gender.

Tarlov closed her piece with this:

It’s our turn, ladies.

Because a woman needn’t actually be qualified; it’s just her turn.  It’s hard to see how Democrats’ sexism could get any more blatant than that.

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