Recently, some $35 million was raised to support private schooling, in particular Success Academy charter schools.  Naturally, Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers, thinks this is a terrible idea, an assault.

[It’s] part of a coordinated national effort to decimate public schooling.  Wealthy donors and their political allies [are] pushing unaccountable charter growth in urban centers while stripping communities of a voice in their children’s education.

She’s wrong about the effort to decimate, even if what passes for schooling in the teachers unions’ public schools warrants it.

The unaccountable charter growth in one sense is entirely accountable: it’s due precisely to the failure of the public schools to actually educate our children.

In another sense, Weingarten is being utterly disingenuous with her unaccountable charter growth calumny.  The schools that are stripping—have stripped—communities (and parents, which persons she carefully elided) of their voice are those union-controlled public schools.

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