Is the Democratic Party

…above the law, or do they just think they are?

Seven congressional Democrats, including the ranking members of the Senate and House intelligence committees, have written to the State Department and Intelligence Community watchdogs demanding that their investigations of Hillary Clinton’s private email be “impartial, independent and diligent.”

From their letter, signed by, among the five, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D, CA) and Congressman Adam Schiff (D, CA):

Based on public reports and communications from your offices to Congress, we have serious questions about how this review is being conducted….  Already, this review has been too politicized. We are relying on you as independent inspectors general to perform your duties dispassionately and comprehensively[.]


Classification determinations are complex, subjective, often in dispute between different agencies, and are not normally within the purview of Inspectors General[.]

Because one of their own and her staff are being investigated for their complicity in mishandling classified information.  Can’t have that.  Never mind that the IGs agree that classification determinations aren’t within their purview.

The Intelligence Community Inspector General has not determined whether the Clinton emails contained classified information,” the source said.  “Recent sworn declarations from the CIA said the emails contained classified information when they hit Clinton’s server.  The ICIG was passing on the CIA’s findings, and was not the decision maker.  This is also true with the NGA (national geospatial) and other agencies.

The Democrats in Congress know this, of course, hence my question.

There’s lots more in the linked article; RTWT.

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