I’m Not Either Establishment

In last Thursday’s Democratic Party Presidential Primary debate in New Hampshire, Senator Bernie Sanders (D, VT) said Hillary Clinton was the Party’s Establishment candidate. Her response?

She rebutted Sanders’ “establishment” charge by questioning whether someone running to be the first female president can carry that label.

Leaving aside the fact that two other women—one from each party—have already run for the White House, albeit for second chair, this defense, Clinton’s infamous gender card, says much about her character and of Democrats’ view of gender politics generally.

The candidates who are running for President in this year, in 2008 when Governor Sarah Palin (R, AK) was her party’s Vice President nominee, in 1984 when Representative Geraldine Ferraro (D, NY) was her party’s Vice President nominee and in every Presidential contest in between are Americans who happen to be men or women. Full stop.

Hillary Clinton is the only candidate in 32 years who considers herself a woman first, and an American only secondarily. In fairness to her, though, this comes in the environment of the Left’s last seven years of identify politics, of #BlackLivesMatter but others don’t, of the cop acted stupidly, and on and on.

Haven’t we had enough of Democrats’ identity politics sewage? Think about this, folks, as you go to the New Hampshire polls today, whether to vote in the Democratic Party Primary or the Republican Party Primary.

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