Hand of Friendship and Nuclear Weapons

President Barack Obama has made a point of his foreign policy of extending the hand of friendship to our enemies in the expectation of their friendship, or at least a reduction of their enmity toward us. In the case of Iran, he even gave them a path to nuclear weapons with his recently agreed Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, to which he cajoled the rest of the P5+1 to sign.

That worked well. Iran has “arrested” yet another American traveling in Iran, the second since the JCPOA was signed by Obama. Iran continues to refuse to release—even on good will, let alone their fundamental innocence—three other Americans being held there, one since 2011.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has stepped up its cyber attacks against our government and government officials, particularly those potentially involved in dealing with Iran’s latest arrest of an American.

Yeah—offering friendship and nuclear weapons has worked really well. Just not for us.

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