Food Processing Plant!?

Progressives just can’t stand to see freedom of choice, just can’t stand to have any sort of enterprise not under their regulatory thumb. Case in point: Londonderry, NH, school district. The superintendent of schools pulled the high school out of the Federal government’s National School Lunch Program and to have the school’s cafeteria serve the school’s meals. You know—sort of like school cafeterias used to do before all this government intervention.

Having escaped regulation from the NSLP, though, which sent significant fractions of food served directly from the serving line to the garbage cans, the Department of Agriculture stepped in. Seeing an unregulated enterprise, the DoA has decided the school is a food processing plant—because the cafeteria does what school cafeterias did just find before regulation, it cooks the students’ lunch meals—and it must be regulated like one.

Remember this Progressive Democratic Party regulatory overreach in a year and a month.

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